LST Communities


The Mother House and the Generalate of our Congregation is situated 30 km. away from Gorakhpur city. A plot of 7 acres of land was purchased in the village Dhada near the town of Hata by the diocese of Gorakhpur to establish the Mother House and the Novitiate house of LST. It was blessed on 15th August 1991 by our founder Bishop Most Rev. Dominic Kokkat CST. Various animation programs, meetings and Annual Retreats are being conducted here. Since it is the Mother House we are engaging it for all the apostolates. We have Hindi and English medium schools where above 4700 students are on the roll. The school produces the district toppers in the Board Exams of X and XII every year. The main charism of our Congregation is to work among the rural poor people, for the upliftment of women. Through our work and interaction through various ways, the poor life conditions of the people have changed a lot. The poor villagers are being educated, through adult education and balawadies, as they are helped through SHGS, other various associations and programs including a small dispensary.
In Order to empower the villages we selected 40 remote villages of 12 Gram Panchayat under Kushinagar district.We empower the people through the means of:

  • Kishori Group(Adult Education)

  • SHG Groups

  • Mother Groups

  • Mahila Mandal

  • Person with Disabilities Group

  • Participating in Routine Immunization

In order to concertize the importance of their health. We conduct programmes such as
Screening campus
Health Education training
Trainings on water sanitation hygiene etc.
We conduct exposure programme for women, conduct rally's announcements , puppet shows, street play video etc.

The present members of the house are Superior General Very Rev. Sr. Annie Thottathil, Asst.Superior General Rev. Sr. Therese Karottuchirackal, Animator , Rev. Sr. Litty Kollithanathumalayil Secretary to Superior General Sr. Vinitha, and members Sr. Anitha, Sr. Dhanya, Sr. Ancy, Sr. Anoopa, Sr. Namratha, Sr.Sonia and fomees (Novices & Postulants)


An acre of land in Aluva near CST Technical School was bought for the Mission House, formation house and recruiting centre of our congregation. The sisters are engaged actively in the pastoral works: visiting families, unit-wise meetings, angel club, prayer meetings thus reaching out to the needy showing them the unconditional love of our Merciful Father. It was blessed on 4th May 1992 by our founder Bishop Dominic Kokkat CST. Present Members of this house are Sr. Johncy, Sr. Sophiya, Sr. Linta and the Postulants


A plot of 7 acres of land was purchased in the diocese of Kanjirapally with the purpose of pastoral works, namely teaching Catechism, preparing the children for the Holy Communion, family visits, prayer meetings, Mathrudeepti etc. and education and social work. The sisters are given special attention to impart good manners, cleanliness and personal responsibility, character formation, personality development and spiritual values to the children around. It was blessed on 2nd November 2003 by our founder Bp. Dominic CST. Present members are Srs. Elsy, Jyothi, and Linsa


The Diocese of Gorakhpur has invited us to help in the apostolate of education. We started our apostolate staying in the class rooms on 28th June 2007. Little Sisters of St. Therese are trying to impart education that makes the children committed to the service of God and of the nation and instill in them the spirit of compassion, selfless service and dedication to duty. The students are blooming and forming very well with the able guidance of Rev. Fr. Jose Kokkandam and our sisters Sr. Tency, Sherin and Divya.


We are given a convent and a plot of land by CMI Congregation (Bijinor Province) to help them in the social work and women upliftment. Sisters support the integral development of children and women through their interactions with them. It was blessed on 16th July 2006 by His Excellency Most Rev. Gratian Mundadan, the bishop of Bijnor. The present members are Srs.Elseena, Betty, and Merin


The convent has been given to us by the diocese of Gorakhpur with the purpose of helping and supporting the diocese in looking after the mentally challenged children. The present members are Srs. Arpitha, Daisy and Snaha


A plot of 1.5 acres was generously given to the Congregation by the beloved sister of Rev. Sr. Benigna LST in the diocese of Palai. We have built an old age home and it was blessed on 24th April 2013 by the Bishop of Palai Most Rev. Joseph Kallarangatt. The present members are Srs.Banigna, Alice and Deepa


This was the first house of our congregation where the pioneering members stayed under the guidance of the Lord and the founder. Sisters are selflessly serving in St. Joseph’s Cathedral, school and Bishop’s house. It was blessed on 12th June 1988 by the founding Bishop, Most Rev. Dominic Kokkat CST. The present members are Srs. Tessy and Vinaya


The Little Sisters started to live in this house from 25th July 2010. The newly built convent was blessed on 10th August 2013 by Very Rev. Fr. Lona CST. The purpose of starting this community is to look after the child line children in Patheeksha. The present members are Srs Archana, Nikitha , Tessa and Hotensia.


We have bought a plot of one acre in the diocese of Kanjirapally with the purpose of helping in the pastoral work, vocation promotion and education. The sisters are rendering selflessly their service in assisting the parish work, through their house visiting, family counselling helping the people in various ways. It was blessed on 7th January 1996 by Rev. Fr. Mathew Puchalil. The present members are Srs. Alphonsa, Rose and Jincy


We have purchased 15 acres of land in the Archdiocese of Thalassery. The main purpose of this house is doing vocation promotion. We are also engaged in the pastoral work and formation. Their services are extended to the neighboring colony through their house visits and prayer meetings. It helps them to understand their family problems and join them in praying to God. We have recently started the perpetual adoration in a small chapel which led many others to God. It is an abode of peace and consolation. It was blessed on 5th October 1998 by our founder Bishop Dominic CST. The present members are Sr. Lissa, Sr. Jasmine, Sr. Mable, and Sr. Ligi and Aspirants


A Hindi medium primary school with four classrooms and convent was built by the diocese of Gorakhpur. It was blessed on 7th July 1992. The one and half acres of land owned by the diocese, but given to LST congregation. The purpose of the convent is to engage the members to do social work and teach in the Hindi Medium School. With the able guidance of our sisters the school is running very well with very good strength. The school is preferentially aiming for the poor village students. Every year the school produces district toppers in the board exam of X. The sisters who were engaged in social work have shifted their stay to the nearby convent at jungle Sikri. The present members are Srs Ann Mary, Rita, Jolly and Aspirants


The Diocese of Gorakhpur has invited the Little Sisters of St. Therese to help in the apostolate of education and the convent was blessed by his Excellency Bishop Thomas Thuruthimattam CST on 28 June 2012. The efficiency of our sisters in the school has made a difference in the behavior and study of many of the students. Sisters give psychological help to the students. The present members are Srs. Beena , Lily, Nisha


In order to partake in the apostolate of education and social works of the diocese of Gorakhpur the Little Sisters of St. Therese have been given a convent by the diocese. The need felt for the time was to open a school and thus in the year 1996 an English Medium school, ‘Little Flower School’ was started at Maharajganj and later a Hindi Medium School ‘Carmel School’ for girls initially which gradually became co-educational. Sisters are actively involved in social work where they organize awareness programme about organic farming, income generation programme, training on legal awareness, government schemes and human rights in villages through different activities. They have also a centre for the poor disabled children. It was blessed on 28th June 1996 by Rev. Fr. Michal Chirayath CST, the VG of the diocese. The present members are Srs. Joicy, Mariet, Celine, Bincy, Rani & Simi


The temporary convent was blessed by His Excellency Most Rev. Dominic Kokkat CST on 2nd February 2001, for the stay of sisters who are working at Fatima Hospital. One of the staff quarters of the hospital was arranged temporally for the sisters to stay. The present members are Srs. Melvy, Remya, Angel and Smitha


The convent was constructed by the CST fathers of Kristu Jyothi Province in Punjab. The main apostolate is to help in the pastoral care and social work. It was blessed on 5th September 2002 by Most Rev. Symborian, the Bishop of Jalandhar. The present members are Srs. Navya, Ruby and Preetha


An old house was bought near CST Generalate, Thrikakara on 5th June 1992 for recruiting the candidates. It was the first house of the congregation in Kerala. Later in 2002 a new convent was built by the congregation for the purpose of higher education of the sisters. At present we are also running a women's hostel, helping in the apostolate of education and pastoral work. The present members are Srs. Lizy Flower, Jessy and Nithya

Houses in Germany

LST Convent Ahlten

St. Therese of Lisieux, our heavenly patroness wanted to travel over the whole earth preaching His name, planting his glorious Cross on infidel lands and she wanted to do it in all five Continents. Imbibing the ardent desires of our patroness, we the Congregation of Little Sisters of St. Therese of Lisieux have established the first community in Ahlten in Germany in 1995 October 25 at 13.50 pm through the blessings of the good Lord and the love and kindness of many people here. It belongs to the diocese of Hidelsheim. It was the great desire of Rev. Fr. Gunter Schuttenhelm that the Theresian Sisters should come in St. Theresia Church in Ahlten. There a small convent was built and blessed on 12 November 1995 by His Excellency Hienrich Machens, the auxiliary bishop of Hildesheim. It was the initiative of Rev. Fr. Gorge Kalladanthilyil who introduced us to Rev. Fr. Gunter Schuttenhelm. He used to encourage us by telling, “Your prayerful and cheerful presence is the great witness and mission work”. We remember gratefully the Late Bishop Homeyer, the bishop of Hildesheim who allowed us to establish our convent here. Since 1995 we are active in St. Bernward Church in Lehrte together with St. Theresia in Ahlten. We are engaged with Patoral and social activities here such as visiting old and sick people in houses, Old age homes and in hospitals, listening, praying and consoling them bringing to them Holy Communion. We help in different groups in the parish, office work and in the Sacristy etc. The pioneers were Srs. Benigna, Mary, Jincy and Lissa. On this occasion we gratefully remember the great models who are called for their eternal reward Late Bishop Josef Homeyer, Late. Rev. Fr. Gunter Schuttenhelm, and our loving Sr. Mary. The present community members are Srs. Cicily, Jossy and Lissy. We are experiencing the love and support of our parishners and benefactors. Because of many kind hearted, loving and helpful people and the blessings of the good Lord we go forward. As St. Therese desired to be a missionary till the end of the ages we are here far away from India, in Europe, a little closer to Lisieux, as her little ones, thanking for her great protection and sisterly love.


Our sisters staying in a rented building started working in the hospital on 27th July 2006. Later on 30th September 2008 a new convent was blessed by our founder. The main purpose is to work in the hospital. The present members are Srs. Anita, Reeja, Asha

LST Morbach

The Little Sisters of St. Therese are yet to venture into the new mission with elderly and aged ones in Germany as we are allowed and have been given consent to take up a convent with an old age home. The present members are Sr. Tesline and Sr. Alphy