Sr. Mary George Kalleplackel

Date of birth: 8/6/1955
Joined LST: 10-6-1988
Died: 31/5/2006

Sr. Mary, d/o Mr. Varky and Mrs. Aleyamma was born on 8/6/1955 in Arakulam Parish, Palai Diocese. She was known for her service mindedness “a person for others.” She joined LST on 10- 6-1988. She was a member of MSST congregation from 15/5/1977 until she joined LST. She served in many of our communities and she met with an accident while she was serving in our community in Germany on 10/6/1998. She died on 31/5/2006.

Sr. Rani Onelil LST

Date of birth: 08-11-1977
Entered Novitiate: 30-09-1994
Died: 21-09-1996

Sr. Rani was born in a deeply Christian family at Vimalagiri, Idukki Dt., Kerela, joined the LST Congregation in 1993. Her jovial nature won the hearts of her companions in the novitiate. She prepared herself fully to commit to the Lord. But 9 days before that event of first profession the Lord was pleased to pluck this little flower for her eternal reward. Sr. Rani is the first member to die in the LST congregation. Her vision of life as stated in her personal diary reads: “To make others happy and to share the love of God with others, Jesus made me a member of this young congregation”.