Sr. Johncy Ozhakkanattu
Our Superior General

Message From Superior General

The foundation of LST congregation is the realization of the dream of a great visionary and a devotee of ST. Therese of Child Jesus. Most Rev. Bishop Dominic Kokkat CST the first bishop of Gorakhpur felt that a congregation of sisters who would follow Jesus in the footsteps of St. Therese could be an effective means in carrying out his missionary tasks in North India. His dream has materialized on sept.30th1988, by sowing the seed of LST in the soil of the diocese of Gorakhpur. Today it spreads it’s braches all over India and abroad engaged in various ministries.

We move with our Charism of compassion, spirit of humility and a life of simplicity to where ever the Church calls for our services. Our services are spread to the field of social apostolate such as, looking after the mentally challenged, child line children, pastoral work, health ministry and apostolate of education. According to our Charism, we, the Little Sisters try to “do little things with great love for God” following the spirituality of our beloved Patroness St. Therese. Even our little drops of charity and love, have created the ripples of hope and life in the hearts of many. Today LST shines radiantly; she is grown and is adorned with her identity and uniqueness. We experienced that by the intercession of St. Therese we have been receiving petals of roses from Heaven which inspire the members to lead a more zealous life proclaiming Jesus with more vigor and energy filled with the power of the sprit and strengthen by the word of God. Our mother LST has completed 27 years of her existence on this earth and we have already celebrated her silver jubilee on 16th October 2013. Our founder, our Diocesan family with a our Local ordinary Rt. Rev. Thomas Thuruthimattam CST have been contributed a lot, to lead the members to keep the fire of hope and faith ever burning. The torch of Christ which has been handed over to us through the years is in our hearts, in our hands,. We keep it burning ever brighter and brighter and hand it over to the coming generations still bright and shining. We entrust our congregation to our beloved Patroness St. Therese, whose patronage has brought down wonderful blessings to our congregation, to become witnesses to the Gospel. May the Almighty Father continue to bless our Congregation in abundance.